Flight instructors

Austin Robel


  • Austin holds an ATP certificate and instructs primary, instrument, and commercial students in single and multi-engine, tail-wheel, and mountain flying. 
  • He was first introduced to general aviation at a very young age and really got into it at age 18. Anyone can see that the enjoyment and gratification he finds in his work runs deep.  Austin claims "As a flight instructor, helping others discover that same passion is what makes flying so much stinkin’ fun."  
  • During the summer months, he and his beautiful and adventurous young family head north to Alaska.   

Forrest Carpenter


  •  Forrest holds an FAA commercial pilot certificate. 
  • He instructs single engine land and sea, multi engine, and tailwheel. He grew up on the front range of Colorado, and is a 3rd generation commercial pilot. 
  • Forrest has been flying floats in Alaska every summer since 2015, and works for a fishing lodge flying DeHavilland Beavers. He also flies a Cessna 180 for Dive Bomb Industries, as well as his own Piper Super Cub. 
  • Forrest has been captivated by aviation since his early childhood, and loves sharing his passion with students and fellow pilots alike.
  •  For Forrest, nothing beats the freedom offered by the open skies, and back country lakes and strips.  

Mattison Davis


  •  Mattison holds a FAA Commercial Pilots license in single and multi-engine land airplanes. 
  • She grew up in the small town of Torrington, WY, and fell in love with flying at a young age. Until she was about 10, her family owner a share in a Cherokee 160 and her dad took her up about once a year. It wasn’t until August 2016 that she realized that being a professional pilot is what she wanted to do when she grew up!  
  • Her dream job in aviation is with a corporate job, flying all over the world, not on a airliners schedule. Her dream plane to own would be a Beechcraft Staggerwing or Lancair! 
  • Mattison’s first professional pilot job was in aerial imaging, and in the span of 8 months, she flew to 25 different states, and logged over 800 hours! 
  • She is currently instructing up in Cheyenne and Greeley, and she is very excited to work with private, commercial, and flight review students. 

Kevin Haynes


  • Kevin holds an FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate in single-engine airplanes and gliders, and instructs students in primary and commercial single-engine flying.
  • He has always been fascinated with flight, and has read, studied, and dreamed about airplanes and flying his entire life. It was inevitable, that as a young adult, Kevin was instantly hooked when he took a flight in a tandem 2-seat glider. The simple joy of pure flying enthralled him. 
  • Over the next 9 years, he flew commercially for a seasonal glider operation in the beautiful San Juan Mountains, first as a glider pilot and later flying the tow-plane as well. 
  • Kevin's love of flying compelled him to become a flight instructor.  He is passionate about sharing the joy and beauty of flight. 

Kirk Hamilton


  •  Kirk was born and raised in northern Colorado. He had a dream and desire to fly since he was a little kid. He started flying at 19 years old as a hobby, and as he progressed through he decided he wanted to turn it into a career and get paid to do what he loves!
  • He has owned a handful of small airplanes and has flown anywhere from Florida to Alaska and everywhere in between for fun!
  • Aside from flight instructing, he is also a cloud seeding pilot and training captain flying anything from light piston twins to King Airs in inclement weather conditions for weather research and cloud seeding operations.
  • Aviation is a huge passion of his and he loves sharing that passion with others!

Russ Reed


  •   Russ holds a FAA commercial certificate and instructs primary, instrument and commercial students in both single engine and multi-engine aircraft as well as mountain flying.
  •  Russ started flying over 30 years ago and in that time built up his current ratings. He loves to fly and after being in the Public Service industry for almost 30 years he started a second career flying in support of the State forest service; flying a Pilatus PC-12 for high altitude surveillance of forest fires.
  •  He has owned a handful of airplanes from a Cessna 150 to Cherokee’s to a Super Decathlon. Currently he loves spending time, and working on, maintaining a 1949 Ryan Navion.   
  • He loves sharing his passion of flying with new as well as seasoned pilots and looks forward to helping all aviators out with their goals surrounding flight and the beauty that it holds.