Flight instructors

Austin Robel

  • Austin holds an ATP certificate and instructs primary, instrument, and commercial students in single and multi-engine, tail-wheel, and mountain flying. 
  • He was first introduced to general aviation at a very young age and really got into it at age 18. Anyone can see that the enjoyment and gratification he finds in his work runs deep.  Austin claims "As a flight instructor, helping others discover that same passion is what makes flying so much stinkin’ fun."  
  • During the summer months, he and his beautiful and adventurous young family head north to Alaska.   

Kevin Haynes

  • Kevin holds an FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate in single-engine airplanes and gliders, and instructs students in primary and commercial single-engine flying.
  • He has always been fascinated with flight, and has read, studied, and dreamed about airplanes and flying his entire life. It was inevitable, that as a young adult, Kevin was instantly hooked when he took a flight in a tandem 2-seat glider. The simple joy of pure flying enthralled him. 
  • Over the next 9 years, he flew commercially for a seasonal glider operation in the beautiful San Juan Mountains, first as a glider pilot and later flying the tow-plane as well. 
  • Kevin's love of flying compelled him to become a flight instructor.  He is passionate about sharing the joy and beauty of flight.